MINISTR® 6 wifi
Portable, wireless, voting, control, and archive system
complex system for controlling and recording of the discussions with help of

the PC tablets and laptops with voting application, usable also for displaying documents

needed for sessions

The basic features of the system:

  • the electronic voting and controlling discussion

  • displaying text of the resolutions inclusive the possibility of immediate editing

  • displaying of the names of representatives, voting results, conducted elections and other information

    on the output area or screen and on displays of the PC tablets or laptops

  • quickly look up of the voting results inclusive nominal list as well as other necessary information

  • when discussing the system keeps records of the login to the discussion, measures the time of every speech

    of each speaker and enables checking the number and length of the contributions, the possibility

    to make technical notes, etc.
  • the possibility to display visual materials (maps, charts, photos)

  • creating an audio record of course of conduct inclusive the indexation of each point of the conduct

    or of particular speaker

  • quickly look up and immediately able to play the audio recording of the speech of the particular speaker in

    the particular discussion of the respective point

  • the presentation of the results and information from the system by using a video projections allows

    to participants as well as to the public better orientation in the ongoing session

  • saving and archiving of the information and dates documenting the course of conduct

  • the output exports inclusive the sound record and statistics of the voting

  • creating the chronological enrollment of the session

  • Information about the process of the session, results and other required dates are displaying by a video-data projector at the screen and also

    displaying by the monitors so that all the participants have an overview of the session and its results. Thanks to the archived records, the usage

    of the system ensures better overwiev and awareness about the progress of the session and about the results of the voting. The electronic form

    of data inclusive audio record provide you the ability to easy presentation of the dates from the Internet or information kiosks. Immediately after the voting

    system is able to view and print the name list of participants and their choices in the vote. The list can be also printed additionally from archived dates.

    For better orientation during the sessions, it is possible to display on the screen current draft resolution either during the discussion or before the voting.